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FUSA is a marketer and a single source supplier of Product Technology and Production Systems.

FUSA has 30 years of experience in industrialized panel manufacturing systems
and special experience in panel production and system construction in Scandinavia, Europe,
North America, Africa and Middle-East. FUSA is specializing in fast cycle manufacturing applications.
Principal machinery and software producers are from Finland, Norway, Switzerland and U.S.A.

FUSA Tile Panel Machine produces new-generation, concealed-fix, vertical, modular Metal Roof Tile Panel.

Full width precoated coils are slit in half for this production line. Protected license manufacturing arrangements are available for different panel designs and geographical areas.Customers demanded a concealed-fix panel application and they wanted to pick panels from their local building material retailer and not wait for their order to be delivered sometime later from the plant.
The Scandinavian, conventional roof panel system was further developed to meet these demands.
The FUSA modular, concealed-fix, vertical roof tile panel was born. FUSA has a bag full of interesting new business opportunities to its license manufacturers. The new modular panel offers a very feasible  business approach in metal roof tile panel fabrication.

Rosette Connection Technology

Rosette Frame Panel Building Manufacturing Technology

Versatile Rosette technology for fully integrated, CAD-controlled, and automated production of square and gable end wall frame panels, floor panels, and roof trusses on a single line.  Three operators are capable of producing all structural components from slit steel material for two average size houses per shift. Rosette Technology is proprietary, patent applied. Apply for manufacturing license for your territory. FUSA offers License Programs for alternative Rosette manufacturing technologies. All are based on proprietary Rosette connection and other patented technologies.

High Volume Roof Truss Manufacruting Technology

Rosette HV-Roof Truss has an optimized, symmetrical structure.  Fabrication starts from a strip of steel and all components are produced on Just-in-Time basis. Three operators are able to make on this line one average truss in two minutes. Rosette Technology is proprietary, patent applied.  Apply for manufacturing license for your territory.

The roof truss industry is interested in offering light gauge steel truss systems for light commercial, institutional, and industrial construction. In residential construction, steel represents a competitive material solution, but effective fabrication technologies have been hard to find. High-volume roof truss manufacturers have first searched for an optimized structural solution. A symmetrical truss structure meets these requirements. Rosette offers a packaged and integrated solution for the truss fabricator. Rosette offers many superior advantages related to structural detailing and fabrication simplicity, and secures the best competitive cost. FUSA makes it available for you, now.

The roof truss has been engineered and structures analyzed with a Rosette Structural software. Rosette offers the tools to carry the quotation work within an integrated software package and secures low cost and fast turnaround in preparing accurate quotations, a must in establishing and maintaining a high volume flow of orders.

Rosette Connection

in Sheet Metal Products Rosette system is available for general Sheet Metal Connecting/Fastening applications. Rosette connection may reach over 10 kN holding power with 1 mm steel sheet.  Rosette does not need clamping around the connected parts.  This is a major advantage when fastening large size objects.  Rosette tool penetrates through prefabricated hole/collar from one side only and hydraulically presses the Rosette connection.  Automated fastening is easy to process with the Rosette Technology. There are Ø15 mm, Ø20 mm and Ø51 mm standard size tools available.

Roof Tile Panel

Roof Tile Panel Machine produces Scandinavian type Metal Roof Tile Panels which run down from ridge to the eave. Full width, 10 tn pre-coated steel or aluminum coils are used (48"- 50" or 1200 mm-1250 mm) mainly in 24 to 26 gauge, or 0.45-0.55 mm. Choose from standard panel design or make your own.

Metal roof tile panel was developed in Scandinavia twenty years ago. The Scandinavian roof tile panel is produced in North America from 48´ mother coil width (elsewhere 1220-1250 mm is the most common). Scandinavians are enjoying the quality of metal roof and European, or Spanish, looks of  conventional tile. In the early 1990´s metal roof achieved a stunning 60 percent market share in residential roofing.
FUSA offers a complete integrated line as a single source for your metal tile panel business. FUSA´s hardware partner is the world leader in tile panel forming lines. Over 40 custom-designed lines have been supplied all over the world. The leading tile panel producers in North
America are using these machines. Extensive experience in integrated sheet metal production lines where the metal tile panel lines are only one specialty application. Thus, FUSA is able to offer all kinds of sheet production lines for your needs.

Makron PUR-foam Panel Lines / FUSA Foam Insulated Panel Production System

FUSA Foam Insulated Panel Production System, Medium Volume DCP

FUSA discontinuous, foam-insulated, composite panel making systems offer superior material flow and material handling possibilities. Presses may be built up to 15 meters long and may have up to ten (10) daylights. Lance foaming is available for long panels. Quick adjustable side tools allow different panel joint designs. Panels are built on mold plates which travel on two-level conveyors. Lower conveyor returns foamed panels to the panel ejection station and mold plate return lift.

Roll Former
End Bending
Edge Former
Long Panel Press
Specialty Panels
Lance Foam Injection
Pentane Foaming

FUSA Foam Insulated Panel Production System, High Volume DCP

FUSA high-volume, discontinuous foam-insulated panel making systems offer a MAKRON-quality, multi-daylight press with high tolerance, heated
(water or electrical) aluminum mold plates. The eight (8) daylight press may produce over 200 panels per shift. Automated high rack panel facing material supply systems are produced. Foamed panels are automatically ejected from mold plates and stacked.

FUSA Foam Insulated Panel Production System, Composite Continuous Panel Making Line

FUSA has worked in continuous panel foaming applications for over 25 years.  We offer a Single Source for you for your product design, production facility recommendations and production line engineering, and delivery of metal faced or flexible faced panel lines.  All the technology options are available.

Insulated Metal Door Manufacturing Systems

We have a Single Source solution for you:
door skin edge forming lines
door package assembly and material handling
semi- or fully-automated PUR-foaming application
We can also supply you with everything else you need in getting into this
business, such as:
       pre-embossed metal skins
       alternatively casted FRP-skins
       door frame roll forming lines
       all door hardware
       door hardware installation machinery
We have pre-embossed metal skins in various embossing designs.


Concealed fixing technology, gives preferred finish for a high quality metal roof.  Good wind uplift resistance is secured with narrow panels. Horizontal tile steps increase the stiffness of the panel.

Visual appearance may be varied by adjusting the length of the tilestep. The stiffness of the panel is also increased when the amount of   steps is increased. The leading edge of the panel is cut following the step configuration. This will give a preferred eave detail.

Easy and fast installation process is assisted by panel locking  detailing. Prepunched holes make fixing fast.  Short, galvanized
screws/nails are used and this will increase further the competitiveness of  the product.

Easy and safe handling of panel because of the small panel size. Still,  the FUSA modular panel is bigger than the horizontal panels on  the market, making installation much faster.

Panel installer does not have to step or reach over the panel when  fixing it.  FUSA  modular panels have the  fixing edge next to the  installer, making the installation much safer.

Superior finish and joining details by excellent product forming  quality and vertical panel design.  Snow guards may be fixed to the  joint detail.

Good material efficiency and low waste in installing customized roofs is   achieved with small, vertical panels.

Thermal movement is allowed without damage to the product or  performance of the roof by the prepunched oval fixing holes.


 Narrow production line is shorter and shorter is less money invested in  the hardware.

 Lower operation cost is achieved because of the higher utilization of  the machine.  This is possible because of the modular product design.  Three-shift manufacturing is easy to organize.  The overall production  economy can be vastly improved.

 The machine is in full production very fast because of the versatility of   the tooling.   In addition to tile panels, it can also produce straight trapezoidal  roof panels, and horizontal or vertical concealed-fix wall cladding  panels.

 Better availability of product to the customer is made possible and  lower distribution costs are secured.  Modular panels are stacked on  pallets and can be distributed through multiple distribution channels.

 Modular panel is a commodity product,  making it possible to get a new  product faster to the market place by using established building  material distributors.  This will  result in better cash flow and faster  return for investment.

 Manufacturing licensing with protected territories for each panel  design.


A fully  integrated steel frame panel fabrication system  from preslit coil to assembled structures.  This integrated
process approach is a new-generation solution to steel frame construction. All components are produced with direct
CAD-control and in Just-In-Time basis.
Automated material handling also secures that all parts are available at the assembly station for best assembly performance.
Rosette offers maximum product flexibility.  Capability to fabricate square wall and floor panels, and any irregular
wall frame shape and C-profile based roof trusses on the very same line.
Fast inventory turnover for best cash flow.
Three operators manage the basic line operations.
Easy to increase production volume by adding shifts.
Fast order turnaround for better service.
Superior industrial finish in details. When we use high quality raw material, we expect high quality, tight tolerance products.
Rosette is a patent applied technology. Proprietary technology will protect your investment.
FUSA offers: --multi frame panel/ C-profile based roof truss production line.
                     --high-volume roof truss/ open web floor joist production lines
                     --web component nesting technology for compression web members for
                         better investment feasibility and structural efficiency

                      --Scandinavian slit web Thermo Stud  product know how and fabrication
                         systems to eliminate the cold bridge problem in walls

                      --polyurethane rigid foam, free rise insulation technology for roof
                          truss bottom chord insulation.  This technology will form a solid square
                          bottom chord which is effectively integrated with common attic
                          insulation systems.

FUSA License Program offers complete solutions for:
      --high volume/ fast cycle, integrated  production systems
      --superior production efficiency and investment feasibility
      --technical solutions for energy efficiency in steel frame construction
      --protection for investment with proprietary technology

FUSA Tech, Inc.